Psychotherapy Services


Many different factors motivate one to seek therapy. We all experience difficulties for which we are unprepared. Regardless of the specific catalyst, individuals typically wind up gaining many far-reaching benefits from their therapy work. Therapy promotes the self-actualization process - helping one determine who he/she is and then using that knowledge to transform your experience in such a way to live a richer and more rewarding life.  I believe that we all have an innate aptitude for growth, and therapy is a place for you to access this capacity.  A positive therapy experience will provide you with the safety and respect to explore your experiences and feelings, discover yourself and your capabilities, and develop new skills.  I will collaborate with you to identify and set specific goals and together we will work toward meaningful change.Because everyone’s personality and style is different, I individualize my approach; however, my approach to working with individuals is primarily psychodynamic. 

COUPLES / Families

When working with couples and families, the relationship between the individuals is the focus of therapy. I work with all parties to enhance communication and resolve conflict. The goal of successful therapy with couples and families is to broaden each member’s understanding of each other and use this information to strengthen the relationship. I often encourage all members of the couple/family unit to seek their own individual therapy in order to deepen the work we do together. In therapy, the overall outcome includes feeling happier and more effective in your life and relationship. These changes happen in the context of a respectful working relationship between clients and therapist.